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April 21, 2010
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IoBE: Cecily Cardew by TehPickle IoBE: Cecily Cardew by TehPickle
This is a design from my recent senior project: designing the costumes for my university's spring production of 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. I am posting my designs here for the sake of posterity, sharing, and a sort of practice for amassing a portfolio.

This is Miss Cecily Cardew. She has a healthy appetite, goes for long walks, and pays absolutely no attention to her lessons. She is the young ward of Mr. Worthing, and at only just seventeen, you can imagine how silly and idealistic her diary must be. She lives out in the england countryside, and often has little more to do than water her garden and avoid her lessons with Miss Prism.

The idea for Cecily was to make her young, fresh, simple, and a pretty little flower. This resulted in incredible amounts of green, pink, floral lace, bows, and tons of fake flowers pinned into her hair. I got really attached to this design, personally.. She turned out almost exactly as I'd imagined her!

Fun Facts:
- She was the first costume to finish completion. She sat on a mannequin for weeks, where I could oggle and squee over my first drawing come to life.
- Cecily always took the longest to dress. That is, she had the most layers. Petticoat, corset, green skirt, lace skirt, bodice, apron, bow, ring and bracelet, and finally, shoes with spats to make them more period. Poor girl got covered.
- No bustle required to get that nice poof in the back! The tiered apron was so tightly gathered, we just pulled it to the back and let it do all the work!
- I did her hair! Me! ....It should be noted here that I know NOTHING about hair. I had to learn to work a bobby pin.
- I swear, I didn't tell her to pose like that. Freaky.

As always(and especially, as this is real-life stuff here) I love comments and critiques!
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QuixoticApricot Apr 23, 2010  Professional Writer
She looks great! And really close to your original--it was awesome seeing those lovely sketches that covered our kitchen table coming to life. ^_^
Yeah.. Sorry about that few days, by the way. Coloring wasn't supposed to be a one week process. ^^' It turned into a 'hey, there's a great outlet sale in a week. Can you get colors approved by then?' sort of budget saving deal.
egriz Apr 22, 2010  Student Filmographer
This turned out super well! Really beautiful and exactly like your drawing.
Thanks! A lot of characters were changed(some quite dramatically) for the sake of time, money, or manpower, but the only issue with Cecily was finding all the materials.
Ooooh, PICKLES! 8D

She's beautiful! And I just LOVE the color combination. Very spring-y, which just fits her so well.

Seriously, marvelous job. :)
Her dress is the dress of easter personified. o.o

Seriously, though, I had to search an entire JoAnn's to find the only shade of pink known to man that doesn't clash with that green.

Beware, your dear Algy is being finished up right now!
xD I think it says something about me, though, that when I saw her I immediately thought "Pink goes good with green!"

Yaay, Algy! \0/
It's not easy, but it can..

Yay, Algy!
... WICKED, Pickles. xD
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